About Us

The right company to serve and protect you.

SMS Security, Inc. is one of the most elite private security firms in Southern California. With cutting-edge surveillance systems, sophisticated weaponry and highly trained personnel, SMS Security can meet all your security needs.

Whether we’re surveying an expansive mountain area in a helicopter or detecting an intruder with underground sensors, we have the advanced capabilities to protect you, your company, your estate and your region.

Whether it’s on the ground, in the air or through our 24-hour monitoring center, we keep our eyes open for you.

Our Team

CEO | Security Director

  • Shawn M. Smigel
    • Graduate of San Bernardino County Sheriff Academy
    • Former Law Enforcement
    • Investigator since 1997
    • Security Management since 1995
    • CALSAGA Security Officer Instructor since 1996
    • Licensed Helicopter Pilot

CFO | Qualified Manager

  • Shelly M. Smigel
    • 20 years Correctional Facility
    • Investigations since 2005
    • Qualified Manager since 2000
    • CALSAGA Security Officer Instructor since 1996
    • Graduate of CSUSB - Psychology
    • Post-Graduate Teaching Credential
    • Licensed Rescue Diver

COO | Area Operations Manager

  • Moses Ramirez
    • Security Management Since 2002
    • CALSAGA Security Officer Instructor since 2002
    • Investigations since 2004
    • Graduate Microsoft Specialist Computer Technology

Sales Manager | Special Task Force

  • Jeff Trent
    • 10 years Military Experience
    • Former 18 Delta Special Forces Halo Team
    • Counter Terrorist Specialist
    • Security Management since 2004
    • Licensed Helicopter Pilot
    • Licensed SCUBA Diver
    • Master of Science
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