SMS Security Disaster Relief

Disaster Relief

In Times of Need

SMS Security’s commitment to your safety goes beyond criminal threats.

We are trained and certified to lead your facility in times of crisis by assisting with evacuation, response, and support.

We also prepare members of your staff as safety officers to help communicate security updates and familiarize your company with security procedures.

We work with local agencies to determine the greatest threat and then take preventive steps to ensure your safety.

Ask us about our Hummer H1 Rescue.

Red Cross Affiliate

SMS Security is proud to work in partnership with the Red Cross to support those in need during times of crisis through Search and Rescue and Disaster Relief.

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Disaster Relief

  • Natural Disasters
  • Major Security Threats
  • Terrorist Attacks
  • Red Cross Trained and Certified
  • Officer Emergency Kits
  • Regular Updates from