SMS Security Protection

SMS Protection

Defend effectively. Prevent incidents. Respond accordingly.

1 | Preparation

We give our officers advanced warning of potential problems by investigating criminal activity in your area.

  • We obtain reports from local law enforcement agencies to find out what crimes are occurring within a certain radius.
  • We can also gather information using covert non-law enforcement sources to tell us the inside story of nearby criminal activity.

When our officers know about specific issues, they can take extra steps to prevent related incidents on your property.

2 | Visible Security

The mere appearance of security on premises can deter some criminals. Knowing that this is your first line of defense, we make it obvious that a site is being watched with the following:

  • Signs along the perimeter indicating that the site is private property under surveillance by SMS Security.
  • Marked vehicles bearing the SMS Security name.
  • Officers wearing state-approved uniforms with patches, a badge and a security license.

3 | Protective Equipment

Advanced equipment can play an important role in securing your facility. Equipment we use includes bomb detectors, electric fences and protective film for windows that can withstand a 500-pound TNT blast.

4 | Smart Patrolling

Our officers use our Point Advantage Patrol system, which allows them to cover more ground in less time.

With Point Advantage Patrol, we identify the points on the site that allow us to observe the greatest amount of property at once, making each patrol more effective.

5 | Incident Response

If a trespasser comes onto your property, our officers will use a communication technique known as Verbal Judo, which is taught and used by law enforcement agencies throughout the nation.

Using Verbal Judo, our officers will attempt to resolve the incident without force. They make it clear that the intruder needs to leave immediately.

Multiple alarms and strobe lights will signal that the intruders are trespassing while our officers work in tandem with police to protect you and your company.

If Verbal Judo tactics are insufficient and force must be used, the use of force can be justified in court based on the proper use of Verbal Judo prior to taking physical action.

Officers wear audio recorders on their belts to record any incidents that occur.

Multiple Layers of Protection

  • Official Local Crime Reports
  • Covert Informants
  • Visible Signage
  • State-Approved Uniforms
  • Marked Vehicles
  • Hi-Tech Detectors and Equipment
  • Effective, Efficient Patrol
  • Appropriate Response