24-Hour Monitoring

Our virtual guards monitor and protect your assets day and night. Call Us at 909.307.1007 for a free security consultation.

Protection with Limited Liability

Our virtual guards are a unique combination of strategically placed video cameras, two-way communication, and constant monitoring by our expertly trained security guards. They allow us to protect your assets without face-to-face confrontations. This limits your liability.

During your security consultation, we determine if 24-hour monitoring is the best option for your business. If it is, our experts identify your company’s most vulnerable areas both internally and externally. Then, we place high definition cameras with thermal imaging at key locations to maximize your security.

Additionally, we can equip highly sensitive areas with ground sensors to alert our virtual guards. With our 24-hour monitoring, we keep an eye on your assets day, night, rain, and shine.

Eliminate Time Theft

Virtual guards protect you against internal and external threats. Eliminating lapses in employee productivity ensures you maintain a healthy bottom line. Well-placed cameras allow you to monitor employee break schedules and work patterns, helping them stay on task.

Augment with Live Guards

The combination of our professional security guards and virtual guards puts eyes in the sky and feet on the ground for your maximum security.

Open lines of communication between those patrolling virtually and manually leaves no stone left unturned. Our virtual guards help to direct and alert our security guards while they make their rounds, deterring theft and limiting liability.

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