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What should I look for in a security firm?

Always determine if a security company has up-to-date licenses with the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services as well as good member standing with organizations such as CALSAGA and ASIS that monitor security practices. This ensures the security firm is proficient with current practices.

At SMS Security, we go beyond state and national requirements to ensure the highest level of safety for our clients, our employees, and our company. You may check this online at

Why are security licenses and insurance important to me?

Your greatest liability as a client is what happens on your property. Should an incident occur at your facility, you could be liable for damages incurred by the security firm acting on your behalf.

SMS Security creates a safety net to protect you from litigation with our advanced training, insurance, licenses, and security tactics.

Where do you hire your officers?

Before employment, security officers must pass Department of Justice and FBI background checks.

SMS Security hand picks officers from reliable references and takes further action by conducting our own background check.

What training do officers receive?

We are proud of our officers and go beyond state and national requirements to prepare them for duty. Each officer completes serious training from Homeland Security, real-life situations, and CALSAGA and ASIS training models.

Officers also maintain additional ongoing education as new standards are increased throughout the industry.

How do you prepare security for my place of business?

SMS Security conducts an initial, free consultation to determine your needs. Upon contracting with us, we investigate the local area, speak with informants, and compare data with the local authorities to discover the greatest threats.

We then build a unique security program to protect your facility in the most effective way using advanced technology, elite officers, and our Point Advantage Patrol.

How does SMS Security enforce Trespassing Penal Code 602?

Each location has visible signs and marked vehicles that define private property and the act of trespassing.

All of our officers are equipped with state-approved uniforms and are trained to effectively convey the meaning of trespassing through Verbal Judo. Officers also carry their security license at all times.

Officers capture audio from such encounters with belt recorders that can be used in court to prove that SMS Security took the correct verbal means before enforcing Penal Code 602.

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