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For every inquiry, SMS Security offers a free consultation to determine your needs and appropriate level of security. Call Us at 909.307.1007 to get answers.

Expert Advice Tailored to Your Business

At SMS Security, we know your business is unique and so too are your security needs. This is why we do not merely offer a one-size-fits all security service. And, it is why security consulting is one of the most important aspects of our business.

During our free consultation, we work closely with you to evaluate your business’ functionality and goals. Together, we define your key assets. Utilizing our expertise and insider knowledge, we identify your most vulnerable points. Then, we make recommendations to address them and ensure your business’ long-term protection.

At SMS Security, we offer proactive solutions to prevent theft and limit your liability. We believe in implementing the right tools to keep your business safe.

Security Consulting Services

Before-You-Build Security Consultation

Prior to breaking ground, we work with you to determine your business’ needs, most vulnerable assets, and ideal security options. This preemptive measure sets you up for success from day one. From built-in security monitoring to the orientation of your site, it is the small details which make a difference for you and your business.

Evaluation of Your Current Security

We work with your established business to evaluate your current security, identify any weak points, and outline the appropriate measures to eliminate them.

Continued Consultation

We also know your needs change and evolve as your business grows and develops. To ensure your continued safety, we offer ongoing advice and direction. This allows you and your business to stay up to date with current security information and best practices.

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