Professional Security Guards

Our expertly trained guards provide on-site protection that keeps your business safe. Call Us at 909.307.1007 for a free consultation.

Reputation for Reliability & Professionalism

Our reputation relies on our ability to select and train superior security officers. We subject each candidate to pre-hire testing and a strict background check through the Department of Justice and FBI. Once licensed and hired, employees complete an extensive training course that far exceeds state requirements.

Formal Training

Our training program includes more than 80 hours of formal orientation from Homeland Security, classroom instruction, and testing in real-life situations. Each of our security guards have passed rigorous testing and receive ongoing education and support.

We focus our training on giving each officer the necessary skills to prevent crime and limit conflict. This includes teaching them how to deal with an intruder, keep a vigilant eye for out of the ordinary occurrences, and take the appropriate steps in the event action needs to be taken.

Limit Risk & Liability

SMS Security guards are a proactive on-site presence that limits your business’ risk and liability. Actively monitoring your site along the most efficient route, our guards provide visible security and theft deterrence.

Each guard is trained to prevent physical altercations, helping to reduce your exposure to expensive litigation costs. Additionally, all SMS Security guards are equipped with tools to document any on-site problems.

Above and Beyond

Our security guards are more than mere patrolmen. They act as an extension of your business. They consistently go above and beyond to ensure your business is protected.

This means our guards become an integral part of your property maintenance. As an attentive on-site presence, they can identify and alert you to any potential issues such as broken pipes, windows or locks.

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Our professional security guards are trained, above and beyond state requirements, to keep your assets safe.

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