Security Installation: Tools that Protect

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Stop Thieves Mid-Act with Two-Way Communication

High definition video cameras allow you to observe visitors and intruders alike. Two-way communication lets our virtual guards hear what is going on and direct assailants as needed.

Alert them to your presence. Tell them what they are doing wrong. And, inform them of their options. Diffusing and recording the situation without a face-to-face confrontation limits your liability.

Access Control

With access control, you decide who can enter your building at any time.

Grant entry to your property on an as-needed basis with remotely operated locks. Use card readers to give personnel access to only the areas that pertain to their job. Ensure against identity fraud with retinal and fingerprint scans. Track the comings and goings through each door with monitored entry.

Theft Deterring Measures

Deter thefts before they even become an issue. Underground and audio sensors detect intruders before they access your building.

Automatic security lights illuminate the area, making assailants visible. Often, all it takes is a brightly lit building to make thieves move on.

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Interested in Securing Your Home?

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