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It is our goal to manage your security with professionalism and reliability so you are free to focus on running your business. From utilizing our expertly trained security guards and harnessing the power of our 24-hour monitoring service to administering Live Scan background checks and installing automation services, we tailor your protection to your needs.

24-Hour Monitoring

Strategically placed audio and motion sensors give us eyes and ears. Floodlights and two-way communication cameras make our presence known. Rest assured that SMS Security always has an eye on your business.

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Security Guards

Our expertly trained security guards have received more than 80 hours of formal orientation from Homeland Security, classroom instruction and testing in real-life situations. They have passed full homeland Security and FBI background checks.

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Smart Homes

Home automation equips your home with the latest technology, giving you complete control of your lights, locks, music and more. The simple interface lets you monitor and adjust settings from anywhere in the world.

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Security Consulting

Utilizing our expertise and insider knowledge, we identify your most vulnerable points. Then, we make recommendations to address them and ensure your business’ long-term protection.

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Warehouse Security

Proven warehouse security tactics you can rely on. Our highly trained guards and 24-hour monitoring ensure your assets are always under a watchful eye.

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Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

Your needs are unique. Your security solutions should be too. This is why we identify your vulnerable points and recommend a plan tailored for your business.

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Security Installation

Equip your home and business with the right tools to protect your most valuable assets. Our security installation team helps you deter theft and limit liability through constant monitoring.

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Live Scan

Quickly approve personnel for sensitive jobs with FBI certified background checks. Live Scan’s inkless fingerprinting electronically submits fingerprints to the FBI and Department of Justice for quick and accurate results.

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Property Maintenance

During their regular rounds, our security guards monitor your property and identify damage. Deploying our maintenance professionals as needed, we fix any problems before they escalate.

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