Smart Home/Business Automation

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Complete Control at Your Finger Tips

Lights. Music. Security. With home automation you control it all and more with the device of your choice.

From smartphones and tablets to PCs and Macs, you can adjust your lights in a single room or throughout the whole house. All it takes is a few, quick clicks.

Simple. Easy. Convenient.

Your setup is personalized to fit your lifestyle. As needed, you can always adjust your home’s settings individually. Feel chilly? Turn up the heat. Want to surprise her with a little romance? Play some Frank Sinatra.

Additionally, you can simplify your life by creating your own presets. With settings that are unique to your needs, you can put your house in vacation mode automatically. Do you have a regular nighttime routine? With home automation it will only take you a quick touch or two.

Live and Travel Worry Free

Integrating your security system with your home allows you to monitor your home from anywhere.

Need to let the kids in while you are at work? You can disarm the alarm, unlock the door and re-arm your home all from your desk. Extending your vacation, but worried about your home? Take a peek at your video monitoring and then keep relaxing worry free.

Start Simplifying Your Life

Discover how a few clicks can give your complete control from anywhere in the world. Get a Free Smart Home Estimate »

Interested in Streamlining Your Business?

Make tedious tasks simple and improve customers’ experiences with automated systems.

Slow dim settings let you keep patrons comfortable while still turning down the lights. Adjust the channel and volume on one TV or every TV with just one touch. Turn up the heat. Turn down the heat. Raise the music. Lower the music. With an automated system, all of your business’ functions are one touch away.